The King: Eternal Monarch Chords Masterlist

The King: Eternal Monarch (더 킹 : 영원의 군주)

Release Date: 17 April - 12 June 2020

OST Pt.1
Zion.T (자이언티) - I Just Want To Stay With You

OST Pt.2
Hwasa (화사) of Mamamoo (마마무) - Orbit - Romanized

OST Pt.3
Kim Jong Wan (김종완) of NELL (넬) - Gravity (연)

OST Pt.4
Yongzoo (용주) - Maze

OST Pt.5
Ha Sungwoon (하성운) - I Fall In Love

OST Pt.6
Davichi (다비치) - Please Don't Cry

OST Pt.7
SWJA (선우정아) - You Can't Stop It From Blooming (꽃이 피는 걸 막을 순 없어요)

OST Pt.8
Paul Kim (폴킴) - Dream

OST Pt.9
Gaeko (개코) & Kim NaYoung (김나영) - Heart Break

OST Pt.10
Zico (지코), Wendy (웬디) - My Day Is Full Of You (나의 하루는 다 너로 가득해)

OST Pt.11
Gummy (거미) - My Love

OST Pt.12
Hwang Chiyeul (황치열) - Quiet Night (모두 잠든 밤)

OST Pt.13
Onestar (임한별), Kim Jaehwan (김재환) - You're My End and My Beginning (너는 나의 시작이자 마지막이다)