Chords Request

(Carefully read the rules!)


  • Post a comment that follows the format below. Do not make any request in the reply section and other website posts
  • No more than one song request in 24 hours/user. Wait until 24 hours to make the next request after your latest request (we really check the time & date of your request, so better note down for you too, notably for sequential request).
  • K-Pop genres/related
  • Be sure to search the song first in this website, then request that is not available yet. 
  • Don't make a duplicated request within a week.
  • You can make a request of another written lyrics & language version on the available song (Please take a note in the request so we won't count it as duplicated request)
  • We only do chords over lyrics. Not tab, strumming pattern, instrument-only song, etc.
  • No spam, malicious, suspicious, or harmful comment. Be polite
  • For unreleased song, studio version only. Unclear sound version such as fan-recorded concert will be rejected.
  • Shouldn't be a car machine song (if you know what I mean, I use this term for a song that doesn't have a clear chords structure on the background music/not suitable for transcribing into chords)
  • Be careful, we could ban your account if you disobey the rules three times or more.
  • Please re-check your comment before submitting, try to avoid edits. After request is finished, the comments will appear in the thread.


  • Artist's name 
  • Song
  • Official Youtube/Spotify link of the song. Must be published by official account of artists/music agency or generated by the platform. No fan-made uploads.
However song's difficulty may varies, we apologized if we may couldn't fulfill your request (noted by no reply in 7 x 24 hours). Please don't send the same request again or forcing us to make the chords.

Sometimes the thread will be closed due to number of queues, comeback seasons, or another admin reasons. We'll choose 4-5 requests every Saturday.

Tired of waiting the request reply? Do you want to have your chords as soon as possible? We got a lot of requests everyday, so we decide to open a Priority Chords Request. Your request will be prioritized than others. Please go to our Ko-fi page and click the commission button.