Chords Submission

Love to make K-Pop Songs' chords? You can submit it now!

  • Write chords for K-Pop Songs only (or associated with it, sung by Korean singers or directored by Korean agency)
  • Put chords above lyrics and adjust it by syllables
  • Put chords in all song's parts, including instrumental part
  • Write chords for the songs that haven't been published in this site
Don'ts (less likely to be published):
  • Only put the chords without lyrics
  • Not completed, only some parts of the song
  • 100% exactly duplicated content from this site or another chords site
  • Download the chords submission template here
  • Fill the blank and replace the colored words
  • Copy lyrics to the file
  • Start working on your chords~
  • Save the file as (Artist)-(Song's Title).docx format
  • Submit your chords here
Your chords will be reviewed, adjusted, edited, and published to our site. We will put your author/SNS name in the published chords. There will be a chance that we will invite you as the website chords author!