Request Chords [EVENT]

Hi! my favorite group SF9 – Summer Breeze Music Video is almost hitting 50M views, so I would like to make a request event until the target is reached.

I’ll 99.9% make your request for streaming SF9 Summer Breeze from Youtube & Spotify!
(99.9% bcs if i gave up transcribing the chords, i’ll ask you to change the song)

Please accordingly follow this rules:

  • 1 Youtube Stream + 1 Spotify Stream = 1 Song Request
  • Don’t forget to attach the proof (start & end, including your device clock time) + watermark according to your disqus username.
  • You can make new request comment, but at least wait 1 hour for next streaming proof & request
  • I’ll accept your valid request immediately & please wait bcs i need some times to make it

If you want an express service, please visit my Ko-Fi Commissions to request chords


And don’t forget follow basic requesting rules:

  • Check the available song first on index & search tab, including G00gle search. Don’t suggest a song that already exists in this site.
  • K-pop & related songs only.
  • Cover songs by K-pop idol are acceptable.
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