Another Miss Oh Chords Masterlist

Another Miss Oh (또 오해영)

Release Date: 2 May 2016 - 28 June 2016

OST Pt.1
Wable (와블) - Little Miss Sunshine (사르르)

OST Pt.2
Ben (벤) - Just Like A Dream (꿈처럼)

OST Pt.3
Seo Hyunjin (서현진), Yoo Seungwoo (유승우) - What Is Love (사랑이 뭔데)

OST Pt.4
Roy Kim (로이킴) - Maybe I (어쩌면 나)

OST Pt.5
Jung Seunghwan (정승환) - If It Is You (너였다면) - Romanized

OST Pt.6
Lee Seokhoon (이석훈) of SG Wannabe (SG워너비) - I'll Be There

OST Pt.7
The Black Skirts (검정치마) - Till The End Of Time (기다린 만큼, 더)

OST Pt.8
Kim EZ (김이지) of GGot Jam Project (꽃잠프로젝트) - Scattered (흩어져)