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Was created in May 2020. I love to play guitar and making chords since 2017. After being an author of a guitar chords website for 1 year, I decided to make own guitar chords page, specially for K-pop.
I find the chords by ear & guitar, I could say that’s not really accurate method to do, and more like written down my playing style. I don’t provide any strumming pattern, but I’m open for any chords request. 
As this is a website for guitar chords, I try to put the most easier way to play the song by adding capo information. The maximum fret for the capo it’s in 5th fret, I wouldn’t put the capo in higher fret because it could be sounds off. Yes, maybe you will feel that some chords are difficult without capo on the range, and you can always use the transpose tool right above the lyrics.
For piano players: maybe you feel the chords are not too detailed, since omitting some notes or not using inversion chords in guitar are so common (because we’re playing in 6 strings & we won’t force to stretch our fingers as well) so feel free to add some extra notes in the chord.
Any supportive comment or suggestion would be appreciated! Sorry if I will rejected some comments that’s looks like a spam or hate comments. But I will read and immerse it if the comments are included with logic reasons.
P.S.: there’s only one admin, yep that’s only me. I’m also doing 9-to-5 job, so please be patient for updates
And if you mind to support us, please do’s:
1. Share kpopchords.com posts link to your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.). This will boost our ranks in search page!
2. Not copying content from my site to another site without credits. Actually it could be better to not copy the content anywhere, because we may get lower ranks on search page (Yup I’m kinda sad if this website will be turned as a place that people would like to copy my content, instead of enjoying it in place)
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[220819] Jacob played Timeless on piano (and opened kpopchords.com )
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