Request Chords

Hi! Welcome to the chords request page. You can create a comment on this page following the rules or make a commission on my Ko-Fi. For request on this page, I’ll do during my free time & choose some requests, so I wouldn’t grant 100% of the requests.

Please visit my Ko-Fi Commissions for prioritized chords request (I’ll do 99.9% & will immediately make the chords):


To create a request comment, please follow basic requesting rules:

  • Check the available song first on kpopchords index & search tab, including search engine. Please suggest a song that hasn’t published in this site.
  • K-pop & related songs only. Cover songs by K-pop idol are acceptable.
  • Put Artist name, Song title & Youtube Link (must be officially released, don’t use fanmade videos). 1 comment for 1 song
  • Don’t create mass & spam comments. Don’t force me to make the chords
Kpop Chords & Fanchant
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