Richman Chords Masterlist

Richman (리치맨)

Release Date: 9 May – 28 June 2018
OST Pt.1
CHEEZE (치즈) – Hard for me 

OST Pt.2
Nam Taehyun (남태현) of South Club – Real Love

OST Pt.3
Kei of Lovelyz (러블리즈) – Let’s Pray

OST Pt.4
Bella (벨라), Hyeseong (혜성) of ELRIS (엘리스) – Single Heart (일편단심)

OST Pt.5
Doyoung (도영) of NCT – Hard for meRomanized

OST Pt.6
Monogram (모노그램) – Do U

OST Pt.7
Song Haye (송하예) – My spring (나의 봄)

OST Pt.8
Lee Byung Chul (이병철) – Me Too (나도 너처럼)

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