The Liar and His Lover Chords Masterlist

The Liar and His Lover (그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해)

Release Date: 20 March – 9 May 2017
OST Pt.1
Joy (조이) – Yeowooya (여우야)Romanized

OST Pt.2
Joy (조이) ft. Lee Hyunwoo (이현우) – I’m Okay (괜찮아, 난)

OST Pt.3
1. Crudeplay (크루드플레이) – I’m OK (괜찮아, 난)
2. Crudeplay (크루드플레이) – Peterpan

OST Pt.4
Joy (조이) – Your Days (요즘 너 말야)

OST Pt.5
Joy (조이) – Shiny Boy

OST Pt.6
1. Hong Seoyoung (홍서영) – Counting Stars at Night (별 헤는 밤)
2. Hong Seoyoung (홍서영) – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (어제 오늘 내일)

OST Pt.7
Crudeplay (크루드플레이) – In Your Eyes

OST Pt.8
Joy (조이) – Waiting for You (너를 기다리는 법)

OST Pt.9
Joy (조이) – The Way to Me (내게 오는 길)

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