Business Proposal Chords Masterlist

Business Proposal (사내맞선)

Release Date: 28 February – 5 April 2022
OST Pt.1
Lee Mujin (이무진) – Sweet (스윗해) – Korean/Romanized

OST Pt.2
VICTON (빅톤) – You Are Mine – Korean/Romanized

OST Pt.3
MOVNING (모브닝) – Sun Shower (여우비)

OST Pt.4
BamBam (뱀뱀) – Melting

OST Pt.5
Secret Number (시크릿넘버) – Love, Maybe (사랑인가 봐) – Korean/Romanized

OST Pt.6
Jihan (지한), Park Soeun (박소은) of Weeekly – Fall in Love (사랑이 내 안에 들어와)

OST Pt.7
Song Haye(송하예) – Closer

OST Pt.8
Han Seungyun (한승윤) – Whatever You Want

OST Pt.9
New (뉴) of THE BOYZ – Spring Breeze (봄바람처럼 날 찾아와)

OST Pt.10
Moon Sujin (문수진) – It’s Up To You

Special Track
MeloMance (멜로망스) – Love, Maybe (사랑인가 봐) – Romanized

Bonus Track
Kim Sejeong (김세정) – Love, Maybe (사랑인가 봐) (Acoustic Ver.)

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