Jung Seunghwan Chords Masterlist

Jung Seunghwan (정승환)

5 November 2023
Castaway Diva (무인도의 디바)
OST Pt.4
Night and DayKorean/Romanized
2 July 2023
King The Land (킹더랜드)
OST Pt.3
Get To You (너에게 닿을게)Korean/Romanized
18 October 2020
START-UP (스타트업)
OST Pt.2
Day & NightRomanized
5 April 2018
My Mister (나의 아저씨)
OST Pt.3
An Ordinary Day (보통의 하루)Romanized
19 February 2018
Spring Again
1. You Are My Spring (다시, 봄)
2. The Snowman (눈사람)Korean/Romanized
3. It’s Raining (비가 온다)
4. Excuses (변명)
5. Shall We Walk Together? (사뿐)
6. Timeline (타임라인)
7. Still Here (제자리)
8. Tumbling Doll (오뚝이)
9. Singing Like A Wind (바람 같은 노래를)
10. At The End Of The Day (이 노래가)
31 May 2016
Another Miss Oh (또 오해영)
OST Pt.5
If It Is You (너였다면)Romanized

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