My Love From the Star Chords Masterlist

My Love From the Star (별에서 온 그대)


Release Date: 18 December 2013 – 27 February 2014
OST Pt.1
Lyn (린) – My DestinyKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.2
K.Will (케이윌) – Like A Star (별처럼)
OST Pt.3
Younha (윤하) – You Who Came from the Stars (별에서 온 그대)
OST Pt.4
Hyolyn (효린) – Goodbye (안녕)
OST Pt.5
JUST (저스트) – I Love You
OST Pt.6
Huh Gak (허각) – Tears Fallin’ Like Today (오늘 같은 눈물이)
OST Pt.7
Sung Sikyung (성시경) – Every Moment of You (너의 모든 순간)Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.8
Kim Soohyun (김수현) – If I (너의 집 앞)
OST Pt.9
Kim Soohyun (김수현) – Promise

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