Angel's Last Mission: Love Chords Masterlist

Angel's last mission: love (단, 하나의 사랑)

Release Date: 22 May - 11 July 2019

OST Pt.1
Lee Moonsae (이문세) - A welcome rain (단비)

OST Pt.2
CHAI (이수정) - Oh My Angel - Korean/Romanized

OST Pt.3
L (엘) - The Nights That I Miss You (널 그리는 밤)

OST Pt.4
Huh Gak (허각) - Because Of You

OST Pt.5
O.WHEN (오왠) - Stay

OST Pt.6
Fromm (프롬) - In Your Light (너란 빛으로)

OST Pt.7
1. Sojung (소정) Ladies’ Code - Perfume (향기)
2. Klang (클랑) - Pray