Our Beloved Summer Chords Masterlist

Our Beloved Summer (그 해 우리는)

Release Date: 6 December 2021 – 25 January 2022
OST Pt.1
10CM (십센치) – Drawer (서랍) – Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.2
Maybe If (우리가 헤어져야 했던 이유) – Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.3
Ha Sungwoon (하성운) – Squabble (티격태격)Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.4
Kim Nayoung (김나영) – There For You (이별후회) – Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.5
V (뷔) of BTS (방탄소년단) – Christmas Tree – Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.6
1. Janet Suhh (자넷서) – Home (집) – Korean/Romanized
2. Janet Suhh (자넷서) – Why – Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.7
Lee Seungyoon (이승윤) – The Giving Tree (언덕나무) – Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.8
Sam Kim (샘김) – Summer Rain (여름비) – Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.9
Yang Yoseob (양요섭) – Even Now (아직도 좋아해)
OST Pt.10
Jang Beomjune (장범준) – I Will Make You Happy (행복하게 해줄게)
OST Pt.11
1. Kim Kyunghee (김경희) – Our Beloved Summer – Korean/Romanized
2. Kim Kyunghee (김경희) – Red String of Fate (우리가 다시 만날 수밖에 없는 이유)

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