49 Days Chords Masterlist

49 Days (49일)

Release Date: 16 March – 19 May 2011
OST Pt.1
Seo Youngeun (서영은) – Though It Seems Forgotten (잊을만도 한데)
OST Pt.2
Navi (나비) – The Feeling’s Coming (느낌이 와)
OST Pt.3
Jung Yup (정엽) – There Was Nothing (아무일도 없었다)
OST Pt.4
Jung Ilwoo (정일우) – Scarecrow (허수아비)
OST Pt.5
Park Boram (박보람) – Always (언제까지나)
OST Pt.6
Tim (팀) – Can’t It Be Me? (안되니)
OST Pt.7
Jo Hyunjae (조현재) – Even If I Live Just One Day (단 하루를 살아도)
OST Pt.8
Shinjae (신재) – Tears Are Falling (눈물이 난다)Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.9 (Special OST)
Jung Yup (정엽) – Just One Step (한 발짝도 난)
OST Pt.10
Jae Hee (재희) – Three of the Tears (세번의 눈물)
Other OSTs
1. J-Symphony (J-심포니) – My Heart Was One (가슴이 하나라서)
2. Jung Kyu (정규) – Because of You (그대니까)

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