Are You Human? Chords Masterlist

Are You Human? (너도 인간이니)

Release Date: 4 June – 7 August 2018
OST Pt.1
VIXX (빅스) – Is It Love? (사랑인걸까?)
OST Pt.2
LYn (린), HanHae (한해) – Love Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.3
Lim Jieun (임지은) – The Longing Dance
OST Pt.4
2BIC (투빅) – Heart
OST Pt.5
Kim Nayoung (김나영) – Tell me (말해줘요)
OST Pt.6
GB9 (길구봉구) – For The First Time
OST Pt.7
1. Yongzoo (용주), Yezi (예지) of Fiestar – When We Meet Eyes (눈을 맞추면)
2. Lim Jieun (임지은) – Milagro
OST Pt.8
DMEANOR (디미너) – Why Do We
OST Pt.9
Seo Kangjoon (서강준) – You Are My Love
Special OST
Red Hair Ann (빨간머리앤) – Who Are You? (너, 누구니?)

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