Bad Prosecutor Chords Masterlist

Bad Prosecutor (진검승부)

Release Date: 5 October – 10 November 2022
OST Pt.1
twlv (트웰브) – Deep End
OST Pt.2
LUCY (루시) – Little Star (작은별)
OST Pt.3
D.O. (디오) of EXO (엑소) – BiteKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.4
Suho (수호) of EXO (엑소) – Call Me a Freak
OST Pt.5
Layone (래원) – Bad Prosecutor (진검승부)
OST Pt.6
Hand Donggeun (한동근) – Bitter (쓰다)
OST Pt.7
Chuther (츄더) – Believe

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