Destined With You Chords Masterlist

Destined With You (이 연애는 불가항력)

Release Date: 23 August – 12 October 2023
OST Pt.1
Park Won (박원) – It’s YouKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.2
Hoon Jeongyang (훈정양) – Can I Be Me (나일 수 있도록)
OST Pt.3
Jaeman (재만) – I’ll Hold You Tight
OST Pt.4
Jeong Hyobean (정효빈) – Permeating on Me (내게 스며든)
OST Pt.5
Seogi (서기) – Destiny
OST Pt.6
Noel (노을) – That’s You (그 사람이 너야)
OST Pt.7
Lyn (린) – I’ll Always Be With You
OST Pt.8
Boramiyu (보라미유) – Oopsy (깜짝미!)
OST Pt.9
Lyn (린) – We Love Each Other (우린 서로 사랑하고)

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