Dr. Romantic 3 Chords Masterlist

Dr. Romantic 3 (낭만닥터 김사부3)

Release Date: 28 April – 17 June 2023
OST Pt.1
Baekhyun (백현) of EXO – HelloKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.2
Gummy (거미) – I Will Stay With You (나를 보며 살아갈 수 있도록)
OST Pt.3
Doyoung (도영) of NCT – Beautiful Day
OST Pt.4
Seungkwan (승관) of Seventeen – Still You
OST Pt.5
Lia (리아) of ITZY – One Hundred Love (수백날 수천밤)
OST Pt.6
Lee Juck (이적) – I Promise (약속할게)
OST Pt.7
Seo Dahyun (서다현) – More Than Yesterday (오늘도 너야)
OST Pt.8
Rose (로즈), Flora (플로라) – Irreplaceable
OST Pt.9
Lee Wonseok (이원석) of Daybreak – Day By Day
OST Pt.10
Doldams (돌담즈) – Thank you for the memories (고마워 추억이 되어줘서)

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