Girl Who Sees Smell Chords Masterlist

Girl Who Sees Smell (냄새를 보는 소녀)

Release Date: 1 April – 21 May 2015
OST Pt.1
Juvie of Sunny Hill and Jang Yijung of HISTORY (히스토리) – Confusing (아리송해)
OST Pt.2
Loco (로꼬), Yuju (유주) of GFriend (여자친구) – Spring Is Gone By Chance (우연히 봄)Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.3
Gye Bumjoo (계범주) – The First Time (첨이야)
OST Pt.4
Gemini – I Do Today Too (난 오늘도)
OST Pt.5
M.C. the Max (엠씨 더 맥스) – I Mean That Man (그 남잔 말야)
OST Pt.6
Sweet Sorrow (스윗 소로우) – You Are My Everything (전부이니까)
OST Pt.7
Acourve (어쿠루브) – Honey
OST Pt.8
1. NC.A, YANO (야노) and Sangdo (상도) of Topp Dogg (탑독) – Just 5 More Minutes (5분만 더)
2. Jelly Cookie (젤리쿠키) – Over There (저기요)
OST Pt.9
Song Yuvin (송유빈), Kim Nayoung (김나영) – Ordinary Farewell (흔한 이별)

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