King of Ambition Chords Masterlist

King of Ambition (야왕)

Also known as: Yawang, Queen of Ambition
Release Date: 14 January – 2 April 2013
OST Pt.1
Kim Namgil (김남길) – You Don’t Know (너는 모른다)
OST Pt.2
Ailee (에일리) – Ice Flower (얼음꽃)Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.3
Lee Jinsung (이진성) of Monday Kiz – I Love You, I Hate You (사랑해 미워해)
OST Pt.4
Fat Cat (살찐 고양이) – Tears Rain (눈물비)
OST Pt.5
JK Kim Dongwook (JK 김동욱) – A Nail (못)
OST Pt.6
Im Jaewook (임재욱) of The Position – There is No Love (사랑은 없다)
OST Pt.7
Lee Younghyun (이영현) – I Guess Not (아닌가봐)

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