Lovers of the Red Sky Chords Masterlist

Lovers of the Red Sky (홍천기)

Release Date: 30 August – 26 October 2021
OST Pt.1
Baekhyun (백현) of EXO (엑소) – Is It Me? (나인가요)Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.2
Solar (솔라) of Mamamoo (마마무) – Always, be with you (나는 그대고 그대는 나였다)
OST Pt.3
Yang Dail (양다일) – You & I (그대와 나)
OST Pt.4
Ailee (에일리) – When your tears wet my eyes (너의 눈물이 나의 눈을 적실 때)
OST Pt.5
Punch (펀치) – As it was a lie (거짓말처럼)
OST Pt.6
Lee Soo (이수) of MC The Max (엠씨 더 맥스) – A Long Sleep (긴 잠)
OST Pt.7
Jeong Hyobean (정효빈) – Moon with Starry Night (달과 별의 밤)
OST Pt.8
Cho Cheonggyu (조정규) – Rabbit and Liver (토끼와 간)

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