Taxi Driver 2 Chords Masterlist

Taxi Driver 2 (모범택시2)

Release Date: 17 February – 15 April 2023
OST Pt.1
Ha Hyunwoo (하현우) of Guckkasten – Fighter
OST Pt.2
Car, The Garden (카더가든) – Haven (휴게소)
OST Pt.3
Zeenan (정진환) – Born This Way
OST Pt.4
N.Flying (엔플라잉) – Wonderful NightKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.5
Kang Ahsol (강아솔) – All My Heart (진심)
OST Pt.6
Kang Seungyoon (강승윤) – Face to face
OST Pt.7
Youme (유미) – I Can Hear You
OST Pt.8
Im Danwoo (임단우) – Get In The Fire

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