The Great Queen Seon Deok Chords Masterlist

The Great Queen Seon Deok (선덕여왕)

Release Date: 25 May – 28 December 2009
5. Hong Kwangho (홍광호) – Step by Step (발밤발밤)
6. Yesong (예송) – Wind Flower (E.S) (바람꽃)
7. IU (아이유) – To the sea (아라로)
11. IU (아이유) – Wind Flower (E.S) (바람꽃)Korean/Romanized
Special OST
1. Uhm Taewoong (엄태웅) – Only One Person (오직 한사람)
2. Joo Sangwook (주상욱) – You Who I Miss (그대가 그립습니다)
3. Uhm Taewoong (엄태웅) – Impression
Special OST Pt.2
1. Lee Yowon (이요원) – Sad Story (悲談/비담) (슬픈 이야기)
Other OST
1. Kmi Namgil (김남길) – Can’t I Love You? (사랑하면 안 되니)

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