The Midnight Studio Chords Masterlist

The Midnight Studio (야한(夜限) 사진관)

Release Date: 11 March – 6 May 2024
OST Pt.1
Ningning (닝닝) of aespa – Count On MeKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.2
Yang Dail (양다일) – Press Rewind (그 시절의 너에게)
OST Pt.3
Elaine (일레인) – I Wonder Why
OST Pt.4
Ben (벤) – Your Traces (너의 흔적)
OST Pt.5
Seungmin (승민) of Stray Kids – Destiny (우리 만남은 우연이었을까요)Korean/Romanized
OST Pt.6
1. Seol Hoseung (설호승) – Bye Bye (Fantasy Version)
2. Seol Hoseung (설호승) – Bye Bye (Romance Version)
OST Pt.7
K.Will (케이윌) – All of My Time (나의 모든 시간에)
OST Pt.8
1. g1nger – Love So Beautiful
2. Lee Sungeun (이성은) – Superstitions

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