The Moon Embracing the Sun Chords Masterlist

The Moon Embracing the Sun (해를 품은 달)

Release Date: 4 January – 15 March 2012
OST Pt.1
Heora (해오라) – Moonlight Is Setting (달빛이 지고)
OST Pt.2
LYn (린) – Back In TimeKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.3
Wheesung (휘성) – Path of Tears (눈뭄자)
OST Pt.4
Monday Kiz (먼데이 키즈) – Shadow (그림자)
OST Pt.5
Lee Kichan (이기찬) – I hope It isn’t (아니기를)
OST Pt.6
Kim Soohyun (김수현) – The One and Only you (그대안사람)

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