Paul Kim Chords Masterlist

Paul Kim (폴킴)

6 April 2024
Queen Of Tears (눈물의 여왕)
OST Pt.6
Can’t Get Over You (좋아해요)Korean/Romanized
30 December 2022
The Glory (더 글로리)
OST Pt.1
4. You Remember (너는 기억한다)Korean/Romanized
10 May 2020
The King: Eternal Monarch (더 킹 : 영원의 군주)
OST Pt.8
Dream – Romanized
12 August 2018
Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나)
OST Pt.10
So Long (안녕) – Romanized
29 October 2018
Me After You
1. Me After You (너를 만나) – Romanized
22 March 2018
Should We Kiss First? (키스 먼저 할까요?)
OST Pt.3
Every Day, Every Moment (모든 날, 모든 순간)Romanized

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