The Beauty Inside Chords Masterlist

The Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드)

Release Date: 1 October – 20 November 2018

OST Pt.1
Rothy (로시) – Cloud (구름)
OST Pt.2
Vincent (빈센트) with 2morro (투모로) – The Beauty InsideKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.3
Davichi (다비치) – Falling in Love (꿈처럼 내린)
OST Pt.4
K.Will (케이윌) – Beautiful MomentKorean/Romanized
OST Pt.5
2morro (투모로) – The Love Inside
OST Pt.6
Wendy (웬디) of Red Velvet – GoodbyeKorean/Romanized

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